STEM Aviation Training Program
for Cadet Pilots

STEM Aviation Training Program for Cadet Pilots

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Affordable STEM Aviation Training For Kids

At Aerosim, we have groups of professional aviators with years of flying experience and well-trained pilot professionals. We have worked with them to design a comprehensive flight training program and curriculum that teaches kids through flying lessons and to elevate their interest prior to attending aviation school.


We offer training on STEM aviation using our in-house flight simulators at a fraction of the general market cost.

This training is done by experienced aviation trainers using equipment that provides your kids with an experience close to that of an actual pilot at a low cost.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our in-house flight simulators use the latest technology for their operation, meaning your cadet pilots are exposed to more advanced training than many.

We also have interactive apps and self-learning training videos to assist with the training process.

Extensive Curriculum

We have worked with teachers, professors, and aviation professionals to build a curriculum that explores all aspects of STEM aviation.

Also contained within the curriculum are teaching tools and activity books for easy learning and assimilation.

Face-to-Face Training

We won’t just hit you with training programs and leave you to figure it out on your own. Instead, our trainers will be with you physically, all the way, and help you deal with issues or questions you may have regarding the program.

Collaborations with the Best

We have collaborated with professors, trainers, and aviators to train your kids in STEM aviation.

You get the best of the best by their side, putting them through and helping you arouse their interest in becoming a professional air pilot.

Best Experience

Our training is not only educational, but it is also crazy fun!

Our in-house flight simulators give your kids the feeling that they are flying and that things are within their control, and that is the best experience ever.

Build Your Kids' Interest in STEM Aviation

Most parents don’t know how to successfully nurture their children’s dream of becoming a pilot one day. To keep this dream alive, these kids need to learn and experience more about the field they are interested in. There is no better way to do this than with affordable, hands-on training in a safe, controlled environment.

We appreciate all the effort you and your team have done in the workshop these two weeks. Thank you so much for providing a platform for our students in learning about aviation, especially giving them a chance to control flight simulation devices and trying to take off. This was such a valuable learning experience for them and it even aroused some students' interest in aviation. Thanks a lot!

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Past Results from Clients We’ve Worked With

Mr. Dennis Yuen
Mr. Dennis YuenPrincipal of St Paul’s College
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The reasons of bringing aviation into school is ….. What the students learn in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History is actually connected and related to the real world.
Mr. Daniel Chan
Mr. Daniel ChanPrincipal of PLK Laws Foundation College
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Aviation is our chosen topic because students interested in it at the beginning……People love to look up, and teachers and parents also teach students to aim high……When we are selecting stream for inquiry-based.
Michael Leung
Michael Leung
Read More
Future Leaders Aviation Program (FLAP) offers practical and fun-filled aviation and science-based experiments to foster the habit of evaluating and exploring. We believe kids need to be encouraged to think critically and innovatively and be confident to explore. Upon completion of the course, the students will be equipped with fundamental aviation knowledge and ready to embark on new and professional aviation chapters.


Got some questions about STEM aviation training and our In-house Flight Simulators? We got answers for you!
Flight simulators are as authentic and accurate as possible, and our in-house simulators are the best in Hong Kong. Of course, nothing beats a real-life experience with a real airplane, but our simulators are the next best.

If your child wants to be a pilot or has some interest in aviation, this would be a great introduction to a possible lucrative career. This aviation training arouses their interest and puts them way ahead of their peers at a young age.

Being familiar with the controls and having to troubleshoot on muscle memory provides an invaluable advantage.

Our in-house flight simulators are 100% safe for kids. We have professionals by their side to train them on how to use different equipment, and your child is in no real danger as they won’t have to fly a real plane.
Flight simulators are more affordable and well suited for kids since they are curious and love to play games. Since they can’t get licensed to fly real planes at that age, flight simulators are a great alternative.

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