UAV Licensing, Servicing, and Operations

UAV Licensing, Servicing, and Operations

Learn to Fly a Drone and Get Certified!

Drone piloting is important in the fields of photography, journalism, search and rescue, firefighting, and wildlife monitoring. However, to become a professional drone pilot in Hong Kong, there are skills you must acquire and licenses you must get.
At Aerosim, we offer professional drone programs that teach you how to pilot a drone and help you get certified as a drone pilot.

Licensing and Approval

Regulators have approved us to advise drone owners and users on how, when, and where to control their drones legally and safely

Our comprehensive guidelines will save you all the cost and trouble of finding it yourself.

Learn about more than just drones

Our training uses the latest cutting-edge technology as it applies to drones.

This means you’ll learn more than just how to control or operate drones. You will learn coding, artificial intelligence, 3D Mapping, engineering & piloting.

Safety Management

We will help you conduct risk assessments for all your UAV venues before we approve their use.

This safety system we set up will be aligned with the ICAO standard of safety management and save you the time and cost of setting it up yourself.


Got some questions about our drone program? We got answers for you!
Before you can fly an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), you must meet some requirements and fly under specific regulations in Hong Kong. Our UAV licensing program helps ensure that your drone meets all the criteria to get the license before the operation is allowed.

he Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department has some requirements that must be met before a UAV can be allowed in specific zones. You can read more about the requirements here.

Apart from UAV licensing, we also offer UAV training programs where we teach people drone-related skills to help them get certified as drone pilots.
Check our pricing section for more information about the cost of the UAV licensing program.

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