Community Engagement Aerosim Inter-School Aviation Tournament (AIAT)

Community Engagement Aerosim Inter-School Aviation Tournament (AIAT)

Aerosim has teamed up with some of the top tech agencies and statutory bodies to provide you training that will
land your dreams in reality

Aerosim has teamed up with some of the top tech agencies and statutory bodies to provide you training that will
land your dreams in reality

Helping Secondary School Students Explore their interest in Aviation

We created the Aerosim Inter-School Aviation Tournament (AIAT) to help build the interest of children who wish to go to a flying school or obtain a private pilot license one day. They can start to build their skills and confidence in their understanding of how STEM aviation works.

Improve STEM Understanding

All secondary school students who attend this tournament will significantly increase their understanding of STEM aviation.

This understanding places them lightyears ahead of their peers.

Arouse Interest

Kids who come to the AIAT already have some fundamental interest in STEM aviation, but it needs some fuel to keep it alive.

The Aerosim Inter-School Aviation Tournament takes the kids’ drive from the ground all the way to the sky, where it belongs!

Learn other flying lessons

Moving from being a cadet pilot to getting a professional pilot license involves growing through stages that are more than just learning about equipment.

The AIAT teaches the kids other important lessons on character development and competition.

Fundamental Training Basics of STEM Aviation

This stage of the program aims to:

Some of the topics include:
aerodynamics, aircraft systems, meteorology, and human factors.

General Knowledge Test

Test your basic knowledge

This stage of the program will:
This test will serve as 40% of the score for the Grand Finale.

STEM Project Studying real-life aviation projects

At this stage, kids will:
This project will serve as 60% of the score for the Grand Finale.

How It Works


Step 1

Click on the button for school or individual applications.

Step 2

Fill the enrolment form, add all the required files and submit.


Step 3

You will receive an email from us on how to proceed.


Mr Wong
Mr WongTung Wah Group of Hospitals Affiliated School
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We are thankful that you and your team came to our school two weeks ago. The workshop allowed many students, especially those who did not know much about aviation before hand-to take flight simulation devices home with them as well try piloting an actual airplane! This experience has been invaluable for learning why things work the way they do inside of aircrafts (and also whatnot). We couldn't have done it without all these hardworking people like yourself; thank YOU so very MUCH!!
Ms Lam
Ms LamSacred Heart Canossian College
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The languages that we teach in the classroom are not just for show. They actually help our students to be better prepared when it comes time for them go out into their respective fields of work or careers! The knowledge gained from studying different subjects at school can really come together with what you learn about on an airplane during takeoff and landing because both activities involve physics principles like force dynamics--and more importantly- knowing how planes work.
Ellen Yeung
Ellen YeungHo Nam Kan Memorial Secondary School
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The students are so grateful to have had the opportunity of learning about aviation with you. They've really enjoyed this experience and we're looking forward in continuing on as partners!


Got some questions about the tournament?
The Aerosim Inter-School Aviation Tournament is an inter-school competition held by Aerosim annually to increase the interest and knowledge of secondary school students in STEM aviation.
The tournament lasts for about 6 months, from the fundamental training program to the awards ceremony.
The registration fee includes: For each Student:
  • A subscription to Jeppesen’s Part 61
  • Career Takeoff Workshop (2 Hours/Session)
For each Team:
  • A complimentary copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Apart from the immense knowledge they will amass during this tournament, your students will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience they can always talk about.

Here are the eligibility requirements for secondary school students in Hong Kong

  • All teams must consist of 4 to 5 students per team led by a teacher-in-charge
  • Schools are allowed to be represented by more than one team
  • All applicants must be representing a school or other specified sponsored team
  • Entrants must not have more than 10 hours of flying experience
  • Any students registration must obtain parental consent and school approval

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